Who we are

Housed in 1 Canada Square, the most prestigious business address in London, Learn 2 Earn is a market leading trading and investment training company

L2E’s unique selling point is based on the philosophy of being able to offer the most difficult subjects in the most easy to follow and easy to apply practical trading strategies which is liked by dozens of its students and graduates who spread our success stories by word of mouth: a feat only a happy and satisfied client would do for you.

Although comparatively new to the market, L2E has successfully trained people to become live traders who are referring new clients to us on a regular basis. This has been possible because our trainers are not new to the market, or to the game as they have vast experiences gained over many decades and attracted clients from abroad.

Our Training Philosophy

At L2E, we train aspiring traders to be equipped with necessary knowledge and tools and be prepared so that they can handle real life situations when they go live on any trading platform. We strive to provide a better learning experience both on-site and online. The goal is to achieve the highest learning level from a training session – use what you learn, and you will improve your trading and investment performance and risk containment behaviour.

Learning by experience

Any learning is better retained when it is put into practice. L2E’s training courses are about more than theory – they are based on methods that involve people and bring knowledge into operation. This philosophy goes for both the onsite and for online training. We keep it simple; our teaching style is easy to understand and approachable with the aim of enabling you to understand the method of strategic trading and how to put it into practice.

Training for your own strategy

The true value of forex and share biz training is demonstrated in the real working environment. We make sure that our training is as close and relevant to the real-life capital market environment as possible. The experience of our trainers, our flexibility and close interaction with our students are important tools.

Why are we doing this

To share with you the knowledge and the tools we already know about to become successful traders and become financially free. With our training courses covering a wide range of topics in the fields of trading and investment, we can help build your skills and confidence as a day trading professional. we offer three different levels of learning: Principles, Intermediate and Advanced. All our courses are delivered by market experts, so you can immediately apply the latest best practice in the field of fin tech.

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